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Jumpstart Their Culture

You've worked hard to build a great culture, but somehow you're not quite getting the results you need. The "Jumpstart Your Culture" workshop will show you how to connect the dots so you can create alignment and raise performance. For large companies, we also conduct onsite culture transformations.

"Culture is how the company acts
when instinct takes over."

~ Benjamin Ortlip, Founder - Culture, Inc.

1. Watch the videos

Discover the powerful principles that shape all workplace culture: Craft, Cause, and Community™. Simplify your approach to leading the culture.

2. Fill in the blanks

Follow along step-by-step as you apply this incredible framework to your workplace. You'll come away with an action plan to transform your organization.

3. Jumpstart your culture

Most companies see significant results within the first ninety days. Employee morale skyrockets. Performance rises. Turnover drops. And best of all, joy returns.

“This content and framework can help any leader improve culture.
I wish I had Ben’s content 20 years ago!”
Joel Manby
CEO featured on "Undercover Boss"
Bestselling author of Love Works

The 3 Cups

How Craft, Cause, and Community
Determine Workplace Culture

" cup runneth over..." ~Psalm 23:5

  • 1. Everybody has a cup
  • 2. A full cup yields a full effort
  • 3. Great leaders serve 3 key flavors

Video: Why you need Craft, Cause, and Community

Identify your
culture gaps

Every problem with culture can be traced to one of three, simple root causes. Learn to identify any culture challenge your organization faces.

Apply the

Once you know the root cause, follow the framework to create a culture strategy that creates sustainable momentum.

Inspire your

No more waiting to react to culture problems. Proactively and strategically foster the culture of your teams with confidence.

Many companies are good at bringing products and services to market. They’re also good at building operations that enable them to scale and grow the business.

But once it reaches a certain size, an organization’s most significant accomplishment is simply existing as a healthy people group.

Unfortunately, most organizations struggle to master this crucial phase, and many end up collapsing under their own weight. Management and Leadership are the skills that create and grow a business. Culture is the skill of keeping people inspired once you get there. We teach leaders a framework that enables them to approach culture with the same level of discipline that exists in other pillars of business. Once you learn this powerful framework, you’ll be able to codify and operationalize your culture.

Is the "Jumpstart Your Culture" Workshop Right for You?

  • Ever wish there was a simpler way to understand and foster culture?
  • Could your culture use more amplification to get better results?
  • Do you struggle to create a sense of community with your people?
  • Is turnover keeping you from building strong teams?
  • Would you like to create a talent magnet?
  • Is your leadership bench limiting your potential?
  • Want help matching the right people with each role?
  • Having trouble identifying an inspiring cause for your organization?
  • Could your approach to talent development use a makeover?
  • Looking to jumpstart your culture?

The "Jumpstart Your Culture" Workshop is essential for any organization where people are critical to success:

The 3 Cups

How Craft, Cause, and Community
Determine Workplace Culture

" cup runneth over..." ~Psalm 23:5

  • 1. Everybody has a cup
  • 2. A full cup yields a full effort
  • 3. Great leaders serve all 3 flavors
Life is simple. When a person’s cup is full, they’re happy; and when it starts to get low, morale tends to follow. This has never been more true than in the workplace. For bosses, that makes the job pretty straightforward: keep those cups full! But with what, you ask? People generally fall into one of three camps. Some are most satisfied when working a Craft; others just want to contribute to a Cause; and still others are seeking to belong to a Community. When a person’s cup is full, they’re much more likely to give a full effort in return. So, once you know how to serve up these choice, workplace flavors, your culture can be amazing!…
CRAFT – The desire to be good at something.
CAUSE – The desire to be-lieve in something.
COMMUNITY – The desire to be-long to something.
Craft people love to lose themselves in the mastery of a skill or role. They enjoy the craft for its own sake, and often draw a sense of identity from their achievements. Their cup remains full only if their work provides an opportunity to be exceptional at what they do. Mundane tasks can empty their cup surprisingly quickly. They don’t require work that is world-changing; and they’re often happy working alone.

Cause people thrive when given the chance to make a significant difference. A pure Cause person is happy performing any craft, even if it’s mundane. Similarly, they can be just as happy flying solo as being part of a team – as long as they’re making a difference. Many are completely satisfied being a very small part of a larger movement.

Community people just want to be “where everybody knows their name.” Camaraderie matters most, and they crave a sense of social interaction from their workplace. Humor can be important, as well as thoughtfulness. They are happy performing a variety of tasks, and may not be overly concerned with changing the world around them. Needless to say, everybody possesses a mixture of all three of these drives. But the main idea for leaders is to develop a strategy for understanding how your people are wired and devising methods to keep each person’s cup overflowing. For more guidance adapting these principles to your workplace, take our Online Course or bring your whole team and attend a Live Masterclass.